Fandom Friday: Supernatural Nails!

Hello my lovelies!  I re-did my nails Supernatural-esque a few weeks ago and when they started to chip, I just couldn’t let them go. So I did them again! I forgot to take a picture of my first attempt because I’m an idjit, but here’s my second attempt:

Supernatural Nails 2
So on my right hand, I decided to embrace the blood-soaked culture of SPN and went with blood splatters, the Angel Banishing sigil, and the Zoroastrian symbol.

Supernatural Nails 1
On my left hand I did the Devil’s Trap (which took me bloody forever…), KAZ for the Impala’s S1 licence plate, and a tiny (slightly blurred) Cas wing.

These were a lot of fun! Have you guys done any cool DIY stuff recently? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Weekend!
-Christie 🙂 xx


Fandom Friday: Armageddon Outta Here!

My copy of AOH *sobbing*

My copy of AOH *sobbing*

Guys guys guys guys guys!!! The new Skulduggery Pleasant book is out now!

I got it on Tuesday and I’ve already read through it twice hehe!

So this is Derek Landy’s second-to-last book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series and it’s a collection of short stories detailing events that occur in between the main stories. It contains 11 short stories, three of which were created in the wake of a series of competitions that Landy held on his blog wherein he asked for people to create their own Skulduggery Pleasant characters. The book also includes two novellas; a brand new one and the World Book Day novella, The End of the World, and an exclusive chapter from the final book.

The stories were absolutely amazing, and some had me in fits of laughter as I was reading. It was actually rather embarrassing. I was on the train and I started laughing during one of the stories and there were these two old ladies looking at me like I needed help. So yeah, moral of the story, don’t read Derek Landy’s books in public. You will frighten old ladies.

I am however, rather sad. Skulduggery Pleasant has been a part of my life for eight years now, and it saddens me knowing that it’s soon going to come to an end. But I am comforted however, by the thought that, as long as I keep coming back and reading each book again and again, the magic will never die.

Have any of you guys read the Skulduggery Pleasant series? What are your thoughts on the latest book? Let me know in the comments!

Christie xx 🙂

Fandom Friday: Remembering old/new Doctor Who

Yeah, I know I should have posted this yesterday, but since I am lazy (as you all know), it’s coming today.

So my sister and I went to the library the other day, me coming out with two new books (woo!), and she with our traditional everytime-we-go-to-the-library-we-need-to-borrow-a-DVD DVD. This time, it was Volume 3 of Christopher Eccleston’s run on Doctor Who. The episodes included in this volume were: The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances.

Now for me as a child, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were two of the scariest Doctor Who episodes ever, aside from Paradise Towers (Seventh Doctor), and Blink (Tenth Doctor). I haven’t seen these episodes in about two years and when I watched them last night, I actually found myself squeezing the nearest cushion for comfort because I still found it absolutely terrifying. There’s something about small children in gas masks calling “Muuuuuuummy” that really gets me…

This kid is the reason I had nightmares for a week…

Anyway, after my sisters were done laughing at me, I started comparing the old/new Doctor Who episodes (From the Nine and Ten eras, most of which were written by Russell T. Davies) to the new new episodes of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. Thinking back, I don’t actually think that I found many of Eleven’s all that scary or gripping. Yes, I know that The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were both written by Steven Moffat, but Russell T. Davies was the executive producer for both episodes.
I feel that since Moffat has taken complete control of Doctor Who, overseeing all of the plot ideas and script writing, Doctor Who has sort of become something less than Doctor Who. Maybe I’m the only one who is feeling this, but since Moffat has become the executive producer and prominent writer, I find the show to be less engaging and with more silly ‘little kiddies’ plots, I mean, pirates on a ship that’s actually a multi-dimensional spaceship? The Siren was cool, but come on. And ALSO the thing that really makes me cringe, in the episode The Crimson Horror, they named the town Sweetville?? smh.

Don’t get me wrong, Moffat has had some really good episodes like Blink, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone, and Matt Smith’s first episode, The Eleventh Hour, but actually most of the really good episodes of Eleven’s seasons were written by other people, such as Neil Gaiman on The Doctor’s Wife (still crying), and Vincent and the Doctor (also tears), written by Richard Curtis. 
In comparison however, quite a lot of my personally favourite episodes of Doctor Who have been written by Russell T. Davies during his time as executive producer, such as Planet of the Dead, Tooth and Claw, The Parting of the Ways, The Runaway Bride, Doomsday, The Waters of Mars, and Midnight. 
Davies certainly isn’t perfect, and there are quite a few flaws in his writing, but to me, his episodes always maintained a certain level of science in their fiction, which I don’t feel that Moffat is continuing to do. His are becoming more fantasy than science fiction, and although there is a strong emphasis on fiction, there still needs to be a level of believability in order to sell the story.
I am however, a bit torn as to who’s characterisation I like better, as both of them have their pros and cons.
Davies’ characters are diverse. Rose, Martha, and Donna all have very different character traits, Rose being playful and cheeky, Martha being thoughtful and observant, and Donna being headstrong and funny. By granting them with these diverse personalities, Davies was able to acknowledge that there are many different types of people in the world, each with something that makes them special. I did find however, that Davies’ companions were very clingy. They all exuded an air of neediness, and they were portrayed in the cliche, “I can’t live without the Doctor” manner, and were unable to do all that much from their own instincts, preferring to wait around and have the Doctor tell them what to do.
Moffat’s characters were independent. Amy and Clara were able to prove both to themselves and the audience that they are perfectly capable of living normal lives and making their own decisions without too much input from the Doctor, and for me this was a breath of fresh air from the usual female-companion-doing-nothing-but-screaming-and-looking-at-the-Doctor-in-awe-for-the-whole-episode routine. When comparing Moffat’s characters however, you begin to notice that they are all the same. It’s the same sassy, flirty, coming-at-you-guns-blazing stereotype that is associated with “strong” female characters that Moffat is re-using over and over again. I think he needs to realise that a woman can be strong without the use of a gun or her sexual appeal. 
I realise that this post is very controversial, as everyone has their own opinions on this matter, but I felt the need to share my standings on this issue, and must admit that I prefer Doctor Who when it was under Russell T. Davies’ authority and it was kept true to the long-running nature of Doctor Who, rather than going off on a fantastical, rather ridiculous journey into the unknown as it seems to be doing under Moffat’s rule.
I’m sorry if this has been hard to follow, I had a lot of things to say on this matter and I sort of spewed it out into this post, but please, if you have your own opinions on this matter, I’d love to hear them!
-Christie xx

Fandom Friday: Dear God all the Fandoms have gone insane

So I’m cruising through the internets, and I always come across something from the fandoms… something weird. Now that all of the shows are in a hiatus state, the fandoms have begun their slow descent into madness (especially the Sherlock fandom). This is what happens when we are left in hiatus with nothing but free time and photoshop.

(This may be disturbing)

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Fandom Friday: Mr Sherlock Holmes may not have been Mr Sherlock Holmes

Hi guys, sorry about another late Fandom Friday; I was busy with… other things, but I promised I would post these weekly, so here it is!

I was exploring the internets on the weekend and I managed to stumble upon an amusing little fact; there was a chance that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was going to give Sherlock Holmes a different name.

And just when you thought ‘Sherlock’ was ridiculous…

Wait for it…


Sherrinford Holmes.

I mean, come on. Seriously? Sherrinford??

I personally am glad he stuck with Sherlock.

Apparently there was a cricketer that Doyle was partial to that went by the name Sherlock, and the name seemed to stick in his mind.

All I can say is; thank god it did.

Fandom Friday: The Type 40 TARDIS

Sorry this is a bit late guys, but I’ve been very busy. Even though this is a couple of days late, I still feel obliged to post my Fandom Friday segment (even though it’s Sunday).

Since the beginning of the fourth Doctor, the TARDIS has been branded a “Type 40” model. In an earlier episode (I can’t recall from memory which one exactly), it was stated that Type 40 models were being withdrawn from production and being replaced by newer models. Since Tom Baker played the Doctor, the Time Lord’s TARDIS has literally been once of a kind, seeing as there were no other existing models of the Type 40 TARDIS.