Reading Challenges 2015: Around the World in 12 Books Challenge

I know that in my 2014 end of year books survey I said I was going to wait until after this year to focus on reading challenges due to year 12 studies, but I came across this book challenge hosted by Shannon at Giraffe Days, and I was so intrigued that I felt that I had to give it a shot! There are four different reading levels to choose from, all of which can be found on the sign up page here. Keeping in mind that I have a long, hard year of studies ahead of me, I won’t be going all-out on this one, so I’m settling for a slightly easier level that will keep me entertained, but won’t put too much stress on me. Not as if I’ll have enough of that anyway…

Level 2: The Wayfarer

– The Wayfarer doesn’t like to plan; he/she likes to journey as the need takes them, deciding where to go on a whim or inspiration or simply how they’re feeling
– Read a minimum of 4 books over the course of the year
– Books can be set in any country, but they must all be different countries
– You do not need to decide on your choice of books ahead of time. You can select books as you go
– No re-reads
– Any genre is okay (including non-fiction) BUT books MUST be set in a specific country or region with a noticeable attention to the location or environment; some genre books won’t be much use for this challenge


Daydreaming with friends about flying off to foreign countries at a moment’s notice is something I do quite a lot (my friend and I once decided we were going to live on a farm in Sweden for some reason), but sadly in my current stage of life, doing this proves rather difficult. So instead, my sudden flights will take place in the pages of books. I will keep this post updated with links to reviews on the books I read for this challenge. I can’t wait to start this challenge, and I’m looking forward to discovering where in the world it will take me!


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