Guess who’s back…

Hello hello hello! Dearie me, it’s been far too long. I looked back on the last time I posted before the two reviews I recently wrote and realised the last time I posted was the thIRD OF OCTOBER. How bloody embarrassing…

I hate making excuses, but school really took a lot out of me this year. I had lapsed into this near-robotic state of just constantly working and stressing and barely sleeping, and the only thing that kept me going was basically caffeine. Not exactly healthy, I know, but by the last few weeks, I was running on empty. The amount of work I had to do kept me away from reading and blogging, and even when I had a few spare minutes, I couldn’t find the energy to do either. I just wanted to curl up and sleep for 500 years. After exam week, I had Year 12 induction week, so I basically was given introduction lessons to all of my subjects plus my research project and I have six assignments to keep me occupied these holidays. I mean, not like I have anything better to do like, y’know, holidaying hahahahahahahahahahaha *eye twitch*.

But I made it. I’m not dead. I struggled on. I kept going even when my batteries reached 0%. I dragged myself across the finish line gasping for water, a cold flannel and a fan. I gave myself a week of not worrying about work or responsibilities and allowed myself time to sleep and read and be a useless member of society, and now I’m back and I’m gonna be blogging with a vengeance. I have an arsenal of story ideas and an armada of reviews and I’m going to be writing relentlessly. I feel obliged to make up for lost time and lost life and I promise I’ll be trying to redeem myself as best I can.

For those of you who have stuck with me, I thank you with all my heart. It means so much to me that there’s even a possibility that there are some people out there who read all of my rambling nonsense, and even the slightest chance that there are people who read my blog and actually like it is overwhelming. So thank you for your patience as I’ve battled through this storm of a year, fallen over quite a few times, and emerged, bruised and breathless on the other side where you wait with a shake of the head, a Band-Aid and a cup of tea.

You ain’t getting rid of me that easy.

– Christie 🙂 xx


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