Fandom Friday: Supernatural Nails!

Hello my lovelies!  I re-did my nails Supernatural-esque a few weeks ago and when they started to chip, I just couldn’t let them go. So I did them again! I forgot to take a picture of my first attempt because I’m an idjit, but here’s my second attempt:

Supernatural Nails 2
So on my right hand, I decided to embrace the blood-soaked culture of SPN and went with blood splatters, the Angel Banishing sigil, and the Zoroastrian symbol.

Supernatural Nails 1
On my left hand I did the Devil’s Trap (which took me bloody forever…), KAZ for the Impala’s S1 licence plate, and a tiny (slightly blurred) Cas wing.

These were a lot of fun! Have you guys done any cool DIY stuff recently? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Weekend!
-Christie 🙂 xx


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