Fandom Friday: Armageddon Outta Here!

My copy of AOH *sobbing*

My copy of AOH *sobbing*

Guys guys guys guys guys!!! The new Skulduggery Pleasant book is out now!

I got it on Tuesday and I’ve already read through it twice hehe!

So this is Derek Landy’s second-to-last book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series and it’s a collection of short stories detailing events that occur in between the main stories. It contains 11 short stories, three of which were created in the wake of a series of competitions that Landy held on his blog wherein he asked for people to create their own Skulduggery Pleasant characters. The book also includes two novellas; a brand new one and the World Book Day novella, The End of the World, and an exclusive chapter from the final book.

The stories were absolutely amazing, and some had me in fits of laughter as I was reading. It was actually rather embarrassing. I was on the train and I started laughing during one of the stories and there were these two old ladies looking at me like I needed help. So yeah, moral of the story, don’t read Derek Landy’s books in public. You will frighten old ladies.

I am however, rather sad. Skulduggery Pleasant has been a part of my life for eight years now, and it saddens me knowing that it’s soon going to come to an end. But I am comforted however, by the thought that, as long as I keep coming back and reading each book again and again, the magic will never die.

Have any of you guys read the Skulduggery Pleasant series? What are your thoughts on the latest book? Let me know in the comments!

Christie xx 🙂


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