Save Indonesian woman from being caned

Hi guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while, school’s been so hectic for the past few weeks, but I promise I will restart as soon as I can.

Right now though, I’d just like to draw attention to an issue that was discussed in my Journalism class this week; one that myself and the rest of my class has been absolutely shocked and disgusted by.

An 25-year-old Indonesian woman faces up to nine lashes with a wooden cane for committing “adultery” after she was gang-raped by eight men. She was accused of having an affair with a married man, and her home was stormed by a group of men who tied up the man and beat him before repeatedly raping her.

The punishment is in complete violation of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, which the Indonesian government approved of in 1998, but the punishment is still going ahead.

Amnesty International has created a petition that it hopes will appeal to the Indonesian government in regards to the woman’s safety and the violation of this Convention. Their aim is to gain 20,000 signatures to stop this caning from going ahead, and to prevent any future beatings.

This punishment is almost medieval and is a complete violation of human rights. If you could spend just half a minute to submit your name for the petition, you could save this woman and many like her from the injustice that has been placed upon her. It doesn’t cost anything, it is simply to let them know you care.

Sign the petition to prevent this woman’s unjust punishment here:

Thank you guys, you are amazing!
-Christie xx 🙂


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