Fandom Friday: The Type 40 TARDIS

Sorry this is a bit late guys, but I’ve been very busy. Even though this is a couple of days late, I still feel obliged to post my Fandom Friday segment (even though it’s Sunday).

Since the beginning of the fourth Doctor, the TARDIS has been branded a “Type 40” model. In an earlier episode (I can’t recall from memory which one exactly), it was stated that Type 40 models were being withdrawn from production and being replaced by newer models. Since Tom Baker played the Doctor, the Time Lord’s TARDIS has literally been once of a kind, seeing as there were no other existing models of the Type 40 TARDIS.


3 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: The Type 40 TARDIS

  1. I believe in the episode “The Deadly Assasin” (the one after 4 had to leave Sarah Jane *sniffle*), the Time Lords were astonished that an ‘old Type 40’ was still running, I’m not sure that’s the episode you were talking about though…dunno.

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